IXI NEWS + EVENTS : 2003 :

rand()% radio is up and running [11th December, 2003]
A collaboration with Runar Magnusson resulted in Same Same But Different, a generative music piece which is broadcasted few times daily on the rand()% radio on this website: r4nd.org. Have a listen and enjoy!

Workshop and lectures in London [1-5th December, 2003]
ixi lectures and workshops at Middlesex, Westminster and Goldsmiths universities.

"They're all from Iceland" concert, London [3rd December, 2003]
Featured Artistes include :
Stilluppsteypa // Vindva Mei // Thorunn & Darri // IXI and who knows what else.

7.00 - 11 admission FREE

The Foundry is at
86 Great Eastern Street
nearest tube - Old Street (exit 3)

flyer: http://www.foundry.tv/flyers/icelandic.jpg
mailto: icelandic [at] foundry [dot] tv
web: http://www.foundry.tv
tel: 020 7739 6900

Ultrasound Festival, Huddersfield [27th-29th November, 2003]
This year ixi will give a workshop on the week leading up to the very exciting Ultrasound festival in Huddersfield, UK. This time Ultrasound will have an Icelandic Partition with some of the most interesting electronic musicians of Iceland. Concurrent with Ultrasound is the famous Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, now in it's 26th year. Don't miss this opportunity in a beautiful town located between Manchester and Leeds!!!

Conference in Barcelona [6th November, 2003]
ixi applications and ixi ideas were shown in a lecture/conference given at the Pompeu Fabra university in Barcelona. (see picture)

Presentation in Barcelona [5th November, 2003]
ixi presentation at the Optiq Syndicate meeting in Barcelona. After 21:00 at Santa Agata 30. Nearest tube station: Fontana

Residence [September-October, 2003]
The grant from the spanish institution "Circulo de Bellas Artes" will allow Enrike from ixi to stay in the Audiolab of Arteleku, (San Sebastian) during the autumm developing ixi further.

ixi in Zurich [14th August, 2003]
ixi presentation to members of the Zurich art/music/design scene.

ixi in Placard, London [29th July, 2003]
The Placard festival will be held for the first time in London this summer. Placard is a global organisation of headphone people : ) who do headphone concerts. Other people performing include: Powerbooks for Peace, Slub, John Eacott, Sick Lincoln, Jem Finer and and and and and....

Improvising with colors, San Sebastian [23rd June, 2003]
Collective improvisation during the Plaza Festival in San Sebastian. The improvisation will be conducted by the sound artist Xabier Erkizia with the help of colors and drawings from an ixi application specially designed for this purpose. Participans: Margarida Garcia, Nishide Takehiro, Jean Louis Hargous, Jesus Aured, Chris Martineau and Xabier Erkizia.

Ertz Festival [6th to 7th of June, 2003]
4th international festival of new music. At the Kultur Etxea, Bera (Nafarroa)

"We present the 4th edition of Ertz music festival. Like in previous editions of the festival, our main aim has been to open up an space for experimental art and music. This year we will enjoy the following line up:
DJ AMSIA (Azkoitia) , BERNHARD GüNTER (Germany) , STARFUCKERS (Italy), RADIAN (Austria) , MARK WASTELL and GRAHAM HALLIWELL (England) , OIER ETXEBERRIA (Azpeitia) , NAD SPIRO (San Sebastian and Barcelona)"

How to get there?
By bus from San Sebastian (50 km)
Closest airports : Bilbao (ES), Biarritz (FR)
Find more info about Ertz Festival at http://www.ertza.net

ixi workshop in Arteleku, San Sebastian [26-30th May, 2003]
ixi software will introduce their work, methods and protocols in a workshop in an institute of contemporary arts, Arteleku, in the Basque Country. We will go into the use of ixi software, Pure Data, Max/MSP, Supercollider and protocols such as OSC. Basically based on creating interfaces to sound and the conceptual issues relating to that.

ReadMe Festival [30-31st May, 2003]
ixi software will be exhibited at the Read_Me 2.3, in the installation section. Now this brilliant festival will be held in Helsinki, and the installations are at the Media Centre Lume, Hämeentie 135 C.

Machinista 2003! [15th of April 2003]
ixi won an award in the "Machine as the artist co-author" section at the Machinista Festival. The subject of the festival is "the new interaction of machinic and human in art and culture. The focus is on a machine as a human artist's co-author, or as an independent author and a contender for its own spot under the sun of art."

Hello World Forum [8th-10th of March 2003]
ixi will be participating in the Hello Horld forum organised by Boredomresearch in Artsway, New Forest, Sway, U.K. We will give a talk about our software and the reason behind doing this work. There are some concerts and loads of other interesting things have a look at and listen to.

Piknik Frequency [18th of February 2003]
ixi presentation at Piknik Frequency, which is a new organisation in Helsinki concerned with new media art and music. Time and Place to be found on their website.

ixi workshop in Media Lab, Helsinki [17th-23rd of February 2003]
A week long workshop at the UIAH Helsinki Media Lab in Finland. This workshop aims at working with various software types and programming languages that use OSC (Open Sound Control) to communicate between interfaces and soundengines.