IXI NEWS + EVENTS : 2004 :

Slicer Exhibited [December, 2004]
ixi was invited to participate in the yearly show of the Fine Arts college at the BBVA exhibition center in Bilbao (Plaza de San Nicolas, 4). Slicer is being exhibited there but we would as well play at the Fine Arts college the 15th of december. Enrike Hurtado Mendieta and Xabi Erkizia will perform using ixi software

File Festival [23rd of November to 29th of December, 2004]
ixi participates in the File festival in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

ixi workshop [November 27-29, 2004]
As part of the Ultrasound festival, we will be giving a workshop in open source music programming and visualisation. The workshop is hosted by The Digital Research Unit and the University of Huddersfield. Contact Clare (((AT))) the-media-centre.co.uk for bookings.

songvar solvindanna [November 12th, 2004]
The sound installation "songvar solvindanna" will be part of the Get-Real exhibition in Kiasma, Helsinki, Finland. A collaboration with Jacob Kirkegaard and Birta Thrastardottir. The installation presents VLF recordings of the northern lights in a real time environment which displays the electromagnetic state of the northern sky.

rand()%lab [November 1st, 2004]
A collaboration with Birta Thrastardottir resulted in a generative sound installation/animation which will be exhibited in the rand()%lab exhibition at The Media Centre in Huddersfield, UK, with some other highly interesting stuff: Joe Gilmore, Tom Betts, Alku and Rand%() radio. (where the Magnusson brothers present their "Same Same But Different" piece of generative music).

Collective improvisation [12th of October, 2004]
Collective improvisation set at 29-31 Cortes. Featuring ixi (Enrike), Adriana Sà (Portugal), TV Pow (USA-Chicago), Mattin, Xabi Erkizia, etc... After 8 pm at 29-31 Cortes Street, Bilbao.

Collaboration with Adriana Sá [10th of October, 2004]
ixi (Enrike) and Adriana Sà (Portugal) perform together in Arteleku (San Sebastian-Donostia). At 7 pm, organised by the Audiolab. This performance is part of an ongoing collaboration between ixi and the portuguese musician Adriana Sá.

Reykjavik Culture Night [21st of August, 2004]
A performance at the new NYLO (living art museum) in Reykjavik. At 21 o'clock. Let's test the acoustics!

Garage Festival [31st of July, 2004]
We will be showing our work at the Garage festival in Stralsund, Germany in this 2 week long festival. Perhaps some talking, some drinking, but definitively playing the "Vulcan" performance together with Jacob Kirkegaard as a final touch of our collaboration this summer.

Article at ZEHAR magazine [July, 2004]
An essay by Enrike from ixi has been published in the 53rd issue of the ZEHAR magazine. The article its titled "Software, Music, Culture" and it can be downloaded from the following links: basque | english | spanish

KHM Presentation Week [29th of July, 2004]
As part of a guest fellowship at the KHM we are performing Vulcan at their presentation week. KHM website

Placard Festival 2004 [17th of July, 2004]
The "Nada" collaboration with Jacob Kirkegaard has resulted in a performance called Vulcan. We will be performing it at the extremely nice Placard headphone festival in the State51 factory, close to Brick Lane in East London. Bring your headphones and plug yourself into a personal space where you can listen undisturbed for the whole day and night.

Sonar 2004 [17-20th June, 2004]
We will be presenting ixi software at the Sonarama part of the Sonar festval on the Thursday at Centre D'Art Sta. Monica at 1.00 pm. Ending this 3 day festival, we'll also perform at the L'Antic Theatre on the Sunday night (June 20th) as part of Un tarde de deleite poetico-audiovisual together with Jacob Kirkegaard and Xabi Erkizia.

New York Concert [3th and 6th June, 2004]
Jacob Kirkegaard (http://fonik.dk) will be performing live the natural pulsing disturbances of the Icelandic geysirs, recorded by Thor and Jacob last winter, using ixi-software. Performances in New York City on the following clubs: Phonomena nite on Tonic (June 3rd) and at Share (June 6th)

5th ERTZ Festival [4th and 5th June, 2004]
--> www.ertza.net
Keith Rowe (UK), Oren Ambarchi (Australia), Christian Fennesz (Austria), Toshimaru Nakamura (Japan), John Duncan (USA), Sygtriggur berg Sigmarsson (Iceland), Phill Niblock (USA), Stan Brakhage (USA), Atanas Kornelius (Basque Country), Raxinasky (Belgium)

generative art [13th of May, 2004]
ixi will give a presentation in Danmarks Design Skole in Copenhagen, about various works of generative art + the systems used to create them. The presentation starts at 15.00 in the festival hall.

Ram 5 workshops [5-8 May, 2004]
At [RAM5]: Open Source Media Architecture, we will be hosting a workshop about visual interfaces, open source music software, and the communication between the two in Ram 5 in Riga, Latvia. There will also be open discussions about open source environments and loads of other interesting workshops. See Ram 5 for further information.

ixi workshop [22-26 April, 2004]
ixi is currently doing an artist in residence at Buchsenhausen in Innsbruck, Austria. We are porting our software to OS X and writing new software. We will also host a one week workshop in interfacing sound with visual programming languages and environments. See buchsenhausen.at for further information and registration for the workshop.

ixi software exhibition [26-30 April, 2004]
The music department in York is inaugurating their new building with a Lounch Festival. ixi software will be exhibited as part of the festival, which includes some really interesting performances with people like:Yasunao Tone, Mark Fell, Richard Chartier, Tina Frank and Ramon Bauer.

Radar Festival [1-4 April, 2004]
Installation in Kopenhagenshop in Enghave Plads, Copenhagen. More info on the very nice kopenhagen.dk website. ixi will also play in collaboration with Jacob Kirkegaard at The Lab in their brilliant F.I.D.S.E. sound system. Stay tuned.

Sounds of the Machines [27th March, 2004]
Consert in the Neon Gallery in Brosarp, Sweden. A collaboration with Jacob Kirkegaard resulted in various field recordings in Iceland around Xmas. We will be exploring those recordings in the surround system of F.I.D.S.E which is set up in the Neon Gallery this weekend.

Online interview
An ixi member talking about ixi. It can be viewed at Arteleku TV. Sorry, only in spanish with strong northern accent ;)
movie1, movie2, movie3, movie4

ixi workshop [2-6th February, 2004]
ixi workshop in Rovaniemi, Finland. One week workshop at the University if Lapland. Introduction to ixi-software and prototyping environments such as Director, Processing, Pure Data and MAX/MSP.

Concert [23rd of January, 2004]
ixi performance at the Nordantlantisk Brygge (Bryggen) in Holmen, Copenhagen, together with Vindva Mei, Vacuum Brothers, Pixel, and Ozy. Starts at 21:00.

Lecture in Madrid [21st January, 2004]
ixi lecture at the Universidad Europea de Madrid. At 5 pm in Villaviciosa.

Workshop in Bera (Navarra) [17th January, 2004]
Introduction to ixi-software and visual programming environments such as Pure Data and MAX/MSP. From 11am to 7pm at Gure Txoko. Organised by the Ertz collective.