IXI NEWS + EVENTS : 2005 :

Intelligent Tools in Music [15th of November]
A text appeared recently on Artificial. The text goes a bit into the ideas computational creativity and where the power of the computer can be utilised the best way.

Digital rattles [8th of November - 15th of December]
"Lore", a generative sound composition by enrike from ixi, is exhibited at Círculo de Bellas Artes in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands.

Live Herring [17-20th of November]
Some work exhibited at the Live Herring festival in Jyväskylä, Finland. Live Herring "is a new Nordic net art exhibition event, established in 2005 with a primary aim to present exhibit Nordic net art both on the net and in the exhibition space."

Innsbruck [8-11th of November]
Concert, presentation and installation work at Buchsenhausen. We will be performing work from our basque-icelandic pidgin project and presenting our software as part of the "private investigations" series of Buchsenhausen, which is about "research, knowledge acquiring and processing in contemporary art practices".

SuperUsers Gig [3rd of November]
Lung will play at the Pool in Shoreditch, London, at the SuperUsers club organised by YeeKing and others. Lung is a collaboration between Matt Grey, Bill Fairhall and Thor Magnusson from ixi.

Blip Workshop [26-28th of October]
An ixi workshop is being held as part of the Big Blip festival in Brighton, UK. The festival is very interesting, with exhibitions, workshops and concerts. A more detailed program of the concerts can be found here.

Dorkbot Eindhoven [21st of September]
We're giving a small talk/presentation at the Eindhoven Dorkbots in Holland. Further info to be found on their website: Dorkbot Eindhoven.

ixi exhibited in Bucharest [22 July - 20 September]
ixi software exhibited at MNAC Bucharest www.mnac.ro. Entrance from Calea 13 Septembrie. Opening Friday 22 July 7 pm, second floor.

STEIM Residency [September,2005]
After a nice visit to STEIM in April, we will be spending some time at STEIM where we intend to do workshops, work further on Mirra, support external controllers in our software and play some music!

ICMC 2005 [September 5-9, 2005]
We are presenting some of the ixi stuff at the ICMC Conference (International Computer Music Conference) in Barcelona, which this year has the theme "Free Sound". We should also have a stand there somewhere, so please visit us for a chat whilst there.

NIME 2005 [May 26-28, 2005]
Some of our software will be presented at the NIME Conference (New Interfaces for Musical Expression) in Vancouver, Canada. We are also participating in workshops and improv sessions during this exciting conference.

Cybersonica 2005 [April 28, 2005]
We are giving two presentations at Cybersonica in London this year, one with soundtoys and another together with the Digital Research Unit of Huddersfield. The festival takes place in the Dana Centre in the Science Museum.

STEIM lecture series [April 26, 2005]
We will be giving a presentation on ixi software at the STEIM Lecture Series, at 20:30 o'clock at Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134 in Amsterdam. Further info about STEIM can be found here.

Performance [April 22, 2005]
Ixi performing at the Medialounge in Huddersfield. Related stuff about the Media centre to be found on the Digital Research Unit's website.

Extended Instruments Workshop [April 19-22, 2005]
"Extended Instruments" is a workshop for people working with acoustic or electric instruments who want to explore the power of the computer as an extension of their instrument. This time the workshop will be in the Trades Club in the beautiful Hebden Bridge village in West Yorkshire, To register or get further information, call Linda Whitley on phone +44 (0)1484471091 or mail her at l.whitely (at) hud.ac.uk

Sonic Arts Lecture [April 13, 2005]
ixi talk and presentation in the Sonic Arts department of the Centre of Electronic Arts in the University of Middlesex, London. At 6 pm in the lecture hall of Sonic Arts.

Middlesex artist in residence [April, 2005]
Enrike from ixi will be artist in residence for couple of weeks at the Lansdown Centre of Electronic Arts in the University of Middlesex, London.

Essex Dance Workshop [April 8-10, 2005]
A workshop in Pure Data and interactive art programming at the DanceTech institution in Essex. Further information about registration and other things on the DanceTech website

Get Real! seminar [April 14-15, 2005]
Participation in the Get Real! seminar in Roskilde, Denmark.

rand radio[March, 2005]
One more work by ixi will be featured at rand()% radio: r4nd.org, this time is Lore (Transformation I) by Enrike. This piece is based on Slicer by ixi software.

Pixelache [12th of March, 2005]
The Dot Org Boom is happening in Helsinki in March! Pixelache is an interesting media festival taking place in Helsinki and they have a warm-up weekend party in the island of Suomelinna just outside the city. We'll do a bit of this: Loppuillasta on luvassa elektronista (improvisoitua) musiikkia, mukana Thor + Enrike + Koray ja muita paikallisia muusikoita.... This will be followed with a week workshop in UIAH exploring the creation of musical instruments in open source programming languages.

Python and Pure Data in the squat [March, 2005]
As part of the series of free workshops 'Digital self-defense' organised by Metabolik hacklab at Udondo squat in Bilbao, we will be giving an introduction to Python programming language and another one to Pure Data.

ixi puffin [17th of February, 2005]
We recently realised that we were lacking a software animal. How could we have neglected this fact for such a long time? Well, we found our animal on the shores of the northern Icelandic coast, the puffin. Now, take a vote and help us to get a feeling for this little bugger.

Transmediale 0511th of February, 2005]
Performing Vulkan on komponent.dk's fantastic 18 channel ambiunix system, together with Jacob Kirkegaard at Club Transmediale in Berlin