IXI NEWS + EVENTS : 2007 :

New releases!!! [November 26th, 2007]
We have released new versions of ixiQuarks (version 4 now) and Slicer. All to be downloaded from our software section. If you are already an ixiQuarks user, please help us to understand the nature of the software and its usability issues by filling out this survey.

The Cabinet of Dr Caligari [September 29th, 2007]
Soundtrack performance for the classic expressionist movie The Cabinet of Dr Caligari. The show will be in The Duke of York Cinema, Brighton, UK. It starts at 11.15 pm and there is a bar in the cinema.

SC Symposium [September 17-21st, 2007]
We will be presenting our SuperCollider related work at the SC Symposium in Haag, Holland.

SSBD at ICMC [August 27th, 2007]
There will be a performance of SameSameButDifferent v02 - Iceland at Huset in Copenhagen on the first day (Monday) of the ICMC (International Computer Music Conference) conference. Starting at 22 pm.

ICMC 2007 [August 27-30st, 2007]
We will be presenting our ixiQuarks paper at the ICMC (International Computer Music Conference) in Copenhagen. Check out the program for date and time.

ixiQuarks release 3 [July 26th, 2007]
We have released version 3 of ixiQuarks, the live-improvisation software environment. This release has a few bug fixes and allows for saving presets (instrument and effect settings). As the ixiQuarks are part of our research we would really like to ask you, the users of the software, a few questions. So please help us in our research and register your email here.

Loss LiveCode Festival [July 20th, 2007]
A presentation of ixiQuarks at the LiveCode Festival in the very interesting Access Space in Sheffield. The quarks will be taken for a ride in the performance on Saturday night, probably as a live-codeable system where there are no prepared samples, structures or settings.

ixiQuarks release 2 [July 6th, 2007]
We have released version 2 of ixiQuarks, the live-improvisation software environment. There are 2 new instruments in this package (LiveBuffer and Mushrooms). The ixiQuarks are part of our research we would really like to ask you, the users of the software, a few questions. So please help us in our research and register your email here.

Concert [July 13th, 2007]
We will be playing during the Biorama day at the DRU in Huddersfield, UK. This runs in collaboration with another interesting event, We Love Technology

ixiQuarks release [June 21st, 2007]
We have released the live-improvisation software environment that we've been working on on-and-off for a while. It's called ixiQuarks and further information can be found here. We hope you enjoy it!

LOSS Livecode Festival [July 20-22nd, 2007]
A talk + performance? at the LOSS Livecode Festival to be held at the Access Space in Sheffield.

ixi Workshop [July 9-11th, 2007]
We are giving one of our instrument building and generative music workshop as part of the Digital Research Unit Workshops in the Bates Mill and the Media Centre in Huddersfield, UK. Contact Lisa Roberts if you want to participate (it's free): lisa @ blinkmedia dot org. Here is some blurb about the workshop: "Explore the creation of musical instruments on the computer but also their relationships to acoustic instruments during this three-day workshop. We explore how graphical visualisation can help to control musical patterns, as well as physical controllers and sensors. Tools : PureData, Supercollider, Processing, OSC."

Soundwaves Festival [June 19th, 2007]
The maddest improv around In Sand will be performing at the Soundwaves Festival in Brighton. The ixiQuarks will be taken on their inauguration trip with Richard, Sotoko, Gus and Danny.

Survey results [June 6th, 2007]
We have analysed the results from the survey we conducted here on this page. There were over 240 responces of which we analysed 210. We are still working on it and would like to hear from you so please check it out here. We published a paper out of the results at the NIME conference.

Computational Creativity [June 17-19th, 2007]
A presentation of the ixiQuarks at the 4th International Joint Workshop on Computational Creativity at the Goldsmiths University, London. The workshop looks very interesting with loads of cool projects.

NIME 2007 [June 6th-10th, 2007]
The results of the survey we conducted last autumn are to be presented at the NIME 2007 conference. The paper will be available in our backyard soon.

Bohman Brothers gig [May 10th, 2007]
An improvisation gig with the legendary Gus Garside, amazing Dan Powell and others at the Battersea Arts Centre , London. Also playing are Veryan Weston/Hannah Marshall/Ingrid Laubrock and Alan Wilkinson & John Coxon. Starts at 8.45pm.

SSBD in Reykjavik [May 4th, 2007]
SameSameButDifferent v.02 - Iceland, the generative music piece that recreates Icelandic soundscapes, will be performed in the traditional record shop 12 Tonar in Reykjavik centrum. Drop by and listen to what it will generate this time, and perhaps have a cup of the fantastic coffee the guys there make. And watch out for what might appear from the basement.

Workshop at Medialab Helsinki [April 23rd-27th, 2007]
One week ixi workshop at UIAH, Medialab in Helsinki.

MakeArt Festival [April 3rd-8th, 2007]
We are participating in the MakeArt Festival in Poitiers, France, where we will present some of our latest work.

Methods Network Seminar [March 19th, 2007]
We are presenting ways of networked musical performances at the "The Potential of High Speed Networks as a New Space for Cultural Research, Innovation and Production" seminar in Kings College, London.

Conference [March 7th, 2007]
ixi presented at the Instituto de imagen y sonido Erandio, Bilbao.

On the Edge [February 28th, 2007]
The ixi Quarks (new software to be released soon) will be tested in live improv session with Gus Garside (Double Bass) in the Open House Pub in Brighton. (just by London Road station). This is part of the Safehouse series concerts.

Gig in Akureyri City [February 21st, 2007]
The generative music project SameSameButDifferent will be performed in Deiglan in Akureyri, Iceland. Runar Magnusson is running the algorithm and playing himself.