IXI NEWS + EVENTS : 2009 :

noise = noise [December 5th, 2009]
The 15th event in the noise = noise series will take place in the legendary concert place the Foundry in Old Street. The Foundry is about to be bulldozed so this is about the last chance to enjoy the magic of this place. Foundry is here. Or perhaps here. The concert starts at "6 or 7 pm", but the pub is open from 4 pm, so come and enjoy the beer!

sc140 [2009]
The album "sc140" has been released! This album consists of musical compositions written in SuperCollider in under 140 characters. (the limit of characters for Twitter tweets). Check (and download) the album here.

Outside the Box [November 16th, 2009]
A paper called "On Epistemic Tools: Thinking Through Technology" will be presented at the Outside the Box conference at City University, London.

Workshop at Universidade da Beira Interior, Cohvila. Portugal [November 19th-23rd 2009]
Introductory workshop to technologies for building interactive installations ( PD, GEM, arduino ) with students of the Mestrado en Design Multimedia. We will work in the development of an interactive installation together with the local theatre company "A Quarta Parede" that will be exhibited in Cohvila during January.

Live Code in Komedia [October 30th, 2009]
Further explorations of the ixi lang (a new live coding language) will conducted in a live setting at the Robot Takeover club evening in Komedia, Brighton, UK, on Friday October 30th. With talks by robot ethicist Blay Whitby, Flash Brighton's Seb Lee-Delisle, and the Theremin specialist Emily Toop. After the talks there will be live coding performances with Yaxu of slub fame, Wrongheaded (Sick Lincoln and Matt Yee-King) and Thor Magnusson. This is a fund raising night for the Build Brigthon hackerspace. Starting at precisely at 7pm, and nearest tube station is London Bridge.

Shuntcode [October 1st, 2009]
The ixi lang (a new live coding language) will be tested live for the first time at the ShuntCode event organised by TOPLAP. Starting at precisely at 10pm, and nearest tube station is London Bridge.

ixi Label presentacion at Arteleku [August 19th, 2009]
ixi label presented in the net labels meetings at Arteleku, San Sebastian.

Epistemic Tools [July 1st, 2009]
A new article by Thor Magnusson called On Epistemic Tools: Musical Instruments as Cognitive Extensions (© 2009 Cambridge University Press) is published by Organised Sound vol. 14 (2). This issue of Organised Sound, edited by Garth Paine, focuses on interactivity in musical instruments.

Raflost Reykjavik [May 5th, 2009]
Workshops, lecture and a concert at the Raflost 2009 annual festival of electronic media in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Bazterrak at GOSUB10 net label release [March 6th, 2009]
Substrate is the inaugural release from the new netlabel GOSUB10. A 12-track compilation of music from across the electronic music genre, it features friends and family of the GOTO10 collective. It features music by Bazterrak member of ixi.
GOSUB10-001 release

FLOSS+Art Book [February 3rd, 2009]
OpenMute has just published a book on open source software development, open content and art. It is edited by the good people at goto10 and there is a text by Thor Magnusson from ixi in the book. Check it out here.

InSand Gig [February 2nd, 2009]
An improv performance with InSand at London's hottest new music and poetry club Boat Thing. The concert starts at 8pm in that boat thing in front of Temple Tube, between the Waterloo and Blackfriars bridges.