IXI NEWS + EVENTS : 2013 :

Seeing Sound Symposium [November 23rd 2013]
A paper and a performance for the Seeing Sound Symposium organised by the Bath Spa University. This symposium focusses on audiovisual works and performances, and there are very exciting paper presentations as well.

BIME Hackday [November 21st 2013]
A lecture about the use of generative processes in art and music BIME Hackday at the BEC in Bilbao.

Earzoom Festival [October 12th to 15th 2013]
Two performances (using the Threnoscope and ixi lang) are scheduled for the Earzoom Festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Thor Magnusson will also give a presentation about his work on October 13th.

Tuning the Threnoscope [September 27th to 29th 2013]
The recent piece composed for the Trenoscope by Thor Magnusson has been programmed for a three day event organised by Call and Response at Cafe Oto in London.

Dagstuhl Seminar [September 15th to 20th 2013]
A live coding research seminar will be hosted at Schloss Dagstuhl focussing on collaboration and learning through live coding. This event includes some key researchers into live coding and promises to yield some interesting outcomes.

Tuning the Threnoscope [August 16th and 17th 2013]
A piece written for the Trenoscope by Thor Magnusson will be performed at the Museums Quartier in Vienna in events organised by the Call and Response collective in collaboration with TONSPUR . The theme are procedure-based compositions with multichannel audio. Other pieces are by Theo Burt, Mark Fell, Robert Van Heumen, Jeremy Keenan, Matt Lewis, and Michael J Schumacher. Further information can be found on the Museums Quartier website and the Call and Response website.

Digital Score Workshop [June 8th 2013]
Thor Magnusson will give a keynote talk on new scoring practices in digital media at the Digital Score workshop, at the University of Sussex. He will also introduce the Threnoscope system he's currently working on.

Live 2013 [May 19th 2013]
Presentation of live coding and the Threnoscope system at the Live 2013 workshop, which is part of the ICSE Conference (yes, really, it's pronounced as the ixi conference). Thor Magnusson will give a talk at the plenary session.

Helsinki [April 20th 2013]
The yearly research workshop and seminar in Helsinki is upon us. Visiting and giving a guest lecture at the Sibelius Academy of Music.

Algorave [April 17th 2013]
A full evening of algorave taking place in Brighton as part of an European algorave tour with highlighting events at the Live code festival in Karlsruhe, Germany. Further information here

Multichannel sound in SuperCollider [February 23-24th 2013]
The Call and Response Collective have asked ixi to give a workshop in Multichannel sound and composition using SuperCollider. The workshop takes place in AudRey, Hackney, London. Open to all, beginners and more advanced.